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Calibration Certificate

Calibration Certificates

The accuracy of electronic components used in all instruments naturally drifts over time. Therefore, it is necessary to calibrate instruments at regular intervals as defined by the manufacturer. Calibration quantifies and improves the measurement performance of an instrument. Benefits of maintaining properly calibrated equipment include reduced measurement errors, consistency between measurements, increased production yields, and the assurance of accurate measurements. To help you meet your calibration needs, NI provides calibration support and services that include manual calibration procedures, services to calibrate your products, and automated calibration software specifically designed for use by metro logy laboratories.

How calibration certificate Works

Your calibration certificate must contain certain information if it is to fulfill its purpose of supporting traceable measurements. This information, which is listed in ISO Guide 25, can be divided into several categories :

  • It establishes the identity and credibility of the calibrating laboratory
  • It uniquely identifies the instrument and its owner
  • It identifies the measurements made
  • It is an unambiguous statement of the results, including an uncertainty statement.