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Button Pull Test Machine Bd RJH| Price Bangladesh

Item Specifications
Product: Button Pull Tester RJH
Brands: Richard James Hilfiger(UK)
Net Weight: 35 kg
Contact: 01611-828220,01971-828220
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The holding or breaking strength of prong-ring connected snap fasteners onto clothes. Consists of an Upper Snap Clamp, a Lower material Clamp & Force Gauge mounted on a Stand. The snap element is gripped by the higher Snap Clamp and also the garment is mounted to the lower material Clamp. By turning the highest regulator, the operator will apply a selected force and also the holding force or the breaking strength is recorded.

30kg Impact Force Gauge: 1pcs
Upper Stud Clamp: 1pcs
Snap Clamp: 1pcs
Lower Fabric Clamp, Lever Arm locking: 1pcs
Three Pronged Clamp: 1pcs
Long Nose Vise Grip: 1pcs
Lower Grasp Button Accessory Kit: 1pcs
15Lbs Calibration Weight: 1pcs

Please Call for Latest Price of Button Pull Tester in Bangladesh :01611-828220,01971-828220