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Dimensional Stability to Dry Cleaning

Item Specifications
Product: Dimensional Stability to Dry Cleaning
Brands: Richard James Hilfiger(UK)
Contact: 01611-828220,01971-828220
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Function:measure however look color and dimension amendment for textiles and Hot soften Adhesive interlining once being washed by organic solvent and alkaline solution.


Cylinder: Made of stainless material. Height:33cm, diameter:22.2cm, capacity:11.4L.

Detergent: C2C14

Rotational Speed: 47r/min

Axial inclination: 50+-1C

Working duration: 0~30 mins

Power source: AC220V, 50Hz,400W

Dimention: 1050x580x800mm(LxWxH)


Accessories: 1pc Dry-cleaning Tester;2pcs sealing rings.

Please Call for Latest Price in Bangladesh:01611-828220,01971-828220