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Crockmaster James Heal Color Fastness to Rubbing Tester Bangladesh

Item Specifications
Product: Crockmaster
Brand: James Heal
Contact: 01611-828220,01971-828220
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Color fastness to rubbing tester.

Color fastness to rubbing is the most basic of color fastness tests, yet Crock master is designed with exquisite attention to detail. Our product designers focused on your testing needs to ensure our crockmeter is simple to use and versatile. Available as a manual or motorized device, Crock master is used to determine color fastness to wet and dry rubbing.

Applications-Wide range of materials

Apart from textiles, Crock master is used to test the color fastness to rubbing of carpets, laminates, and printing inks, as well as the micro scratch resistance of lacquers, coatings and painted surfaces.

Please call for latest price of Crock Master in Bangladesh:01611-828220,01971-828220