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Textile Moisture Meter Aqua Boy Spares Parts Price Bangladesh

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Textile Moisture Meter Spare Parts



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Aqua-Boy Type TEMI Spare Parts Supplier Textile Moisture Meter

The meter circuits are exclusively equipped with semiconductors.

  • Except for the Cup Electrode, all other electrodes are connected to the Aqua-Boy by means of the Universal Measuring Cable 200 and the Universal Electrode Holder 204.
  • The Needle Electrodes 205,206,207 are used for making measurements of cops, bobbins or hanks of yarn.

  • The Knife Electrode 210 is suitable for making measurements of webs, rolls and bales of textile fabrics and bulk fibers by applying the blades to or inserting them between the plies of fabric.

  • The Roller Electrode 211 is preferably used for measuring moving webs of material.

  • Surface Electrode 213 for measuring the surface moisture content of fabrics.

  • Compression Screw Electrode 201 with automatic friction clutch for constant contact pressure to assure accurate measurements of individual samples. The electrode connects to the moisture meter by means of the universal measuring cable.

  • The Cup Electrode 202 is preferably used for measuring compressible material in the form of flocks or tufts. The constant pressure exerted upon the material thanks to the friction clutch assures accurate reproducible readings. The electrode connects to the moisture meter direct, without the use of a universal measuring cable.

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