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Pantone TCX Cotton Passport FHIC200 in Bangladesh

Item Specifications
Product: Pantone TCX Cotton Passport
Colors 2,310 Fashion, Home, & Interiors colors
Contact 01713-063995, 01611-828220
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The portable Cotton Passport holds all 2,310 Fashion, Home, & Interiors colors in an easy-to-carry format, allowing you to check fabric color in the stores, on customer visits, or at the mills. Pantone Cotton Passport is the only guide organized in an accordion format, allowing you to view and select from all colors at once.

Please Call for Latest Price of Pantone Color Books in Bangladesh:01611-828220,01971-828220


One-volume portable cotton color reference in a folio-style format.

Sixty-five 0.6x0.4 inch cotton chips per page are affixed to non-optically brightened paper.

Each chip can be isolated individually for more accurate color viewing with the included white mask.

Accordion-style pages allow you to view the entire 2,310 color palette at one time.


2,310 colors, including 210 new market-driven colors.

All Pantone cotton colors formulated for achievability and fastness.

Colors arranged in chromatic format, with index in the back providing numeric location for each color.

Each color refers to a corresponding Swatch Card, the standard for color accuracy.

Use for textiles, apparel, soft home, and interiors products.

Pantone Color Guide Supplier-Best Trims

Please Call for Latest Price of TCX FHIC200 Pantone in Bangladesh: 01611-828220,01971-828220